Myshkin + Melanie Page + Tom Kane @ The Cookie Jar Mon 30 September £4

Doors – 8pm

The Cookie Jar, Underneath The Crumblin Cookie, High Street, Leicester

ewitching and intoxicating
—New Orleans Times Picayune

Fiercely talented, elegantly skewed
—Time Out, UK   

Haunting melodies, intricate metaphors and subversive subplots, a complex underground legend.
—Bitch Magazine, USA

West coast–based, new orleans–schooled, gypsy–spirited, Myshkin makes moving, experimental music out of broad empathy, sharp imagery, hypnotic rhythms and an enigmatic, unforgettable voice. Her seventh record, Myshkin’s Ruby Warblers’ That Diamond Lust, was five years in the making, and worth the wait. Luminous and haunting, it’s a dark and delicate work of revolutionary love songs, swaying in a folk-tronic dancing dress. Myshkin collected tracks—strings beats horns & waves—from favorite collaborators in Portland and New Orleans, then put them aside for a few years while hand-building an earth-walled studio and co-founding a permaculture art farm in the Pacific Northwest. There she looked them over with a wizened eye, and stitched them into something fresh and marvelous.

Currently satifsfying her urge for co-creation by touring in various collaborative combos, Myshkin returns to the southwest u.s. with Michelle McAfee in august, the uk with Mat Martin in september, and europe in october with Kirsty McGee. Listen to the BBC World on 3 session from Myshkin’s last uk tour here.

September sees the release of a new single. Faithless, recorded with a favorite crew of players in an experimental session at piety street studios in new orleans during Myshkin’s spring tour, is a sweet taste of things to come.


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